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Major Expansion to Disburse Platform Increases Global Reach and Capabilities for Customers

Major Expansion To Disburse Platform Increases Global Reach And Capabilities For Customers

See why Rapyd Disburse Is Now the Industry Leading Platform for Payouts

In 2020, the world woke up to a new reality. COVID-19 has put pressure on many industries, but ecommerce marketplaces, delivery apps and other gig-economy platforms are experiencing transformational growth. Significant changes in consumer behavior are driving businesses across industry categories to get online and pay their suppliers, workers, and partners electronically. 

That’s why Rapyd is proud to announce that we’ve launched a major expansion of Rapyd Disburse, our industry-leading mass-payout platform. We’ve made significant investments around the world and now offer more payout methods everywhere. The Rapyd Global Payments Network provides global reach, including 26 countries across Asia, such as Singapore, India, Taiwan, and Japan. Expansion across the Americas has also occurred with more payout coverage in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico. And coverage in the EMEA region has broadened in France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and Kenya. We’re also extending wider coverage for bank payouts across Africa in the next two quarters.

The Ability to Pay Workers and Sellers Is Mission-Critical

Building worker and seller adoption depends on the ability to make payouts quickly using local payment methods. We’ve heard from online businesses around the world that they find it challenging to payout efficiently, at low cost and in the local payment methods their beneficiaries need. 

With our simplified four-step onboarding process businesses can now start disbursing funds faster than ever using localized methods such as bank transfers, ewallets, push-to-card, and cash. With tight integration to Rapyd’s other Fintech as a Service platforms – Collect, Issuing and Wallet – your business can leverage a single cloud-based solution with the broadest array of payment acceptance and disbursement capabilities in the world.


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The Rapyd Disburse Advantage 

Building out your own global payout infrastructure slows growth. Businesses must integrate multiple banking partners and vendors for compliance, security and fraud. Not to mention navigating an ever-changing maze of regulatory hurdles. This can take years in just one country, but businesses need a solution right now. With Rapyd Disburse you can do more business in more places with the ability to make local and cross-border payouts using locally preferred methods.

Reach: Building from our expansive Global Payments Network, Rapyd Disburse supports payouts to 100+ countries using methods including bank transfers, ewallets, push-to-card and cash pickup – along with the ability to make payouts from any currency to any currency. 

Speed: Enter new markets faster and start disbursing funds globally by using our simple user interface to upload files. Set up XML batches using the ISO 20022 messaging standard. Or use the Rapyd Disburse API to integrate powerful disbursement features into your existing workflows.

Technology: Our fintech as a service approach includes numerous capabilities that normally require separate integrations, including built-in features like IDV, AML, and fraud protection. A validation engine ensures payouts go to the right person or account — plus beneficiaries are tokenized, making your next payout cycle faster.

Power Global Growth with Local Payouts

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated a transformation to a new economic reality where online marketplaces and gig-economy platforms are indispensable. Innovative product leaders who act now to support frictionless payouts for workers, sellers and B2B suppliers stand to benefit the most. 

Rapyd Disburse solves your global disbursement challenges by simplifying the complexity of local and cross-border payouts so your business can reach new markets faster.

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