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Blog: Small Businesses

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How to Send a Payment Request to Your Client to Get Paid Faster

Ask any service provider about the most frustrating part of running a business. We can almost guarantee their answer: overdue invoices. Cash flow is the lifeblood of any small business. Payment links provide a powerful tool to improve cash flow…

  • May 2, 2022
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International Small Business Payments: Key Terms You Need To Know

Unlock new global markets by understanding these key terms in international small business payments and services.  Whether you are looking to receive international online payments, or are figuring out how to offer your customers their locally preferred payment methods, here…

  • March 17, 2022
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Getting Started with Credit Card Processing for Small Businesses 

Here’s how the right card payment gateway can be the difference between high fees – and high profits for small businesses going global. Making the Right Small Business Credit Card Processing Choice is Key It’s no secret that accepting credit…

  • January 17, 2022
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