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Blog: Fintech

Explore how the fintech sector allows businesses to seamlessly integrate payments into their platforms to create new revenue streams and grow their business. Our seasoned authors discuss the top trends in fintech, how your company can leverage Fintech as a service, how to create a seamless end-to-end experience within your app or site, and how to turn fintech into a core differentiator for your business.

a customer uses a virtual card to pay

How Businesses Can Use Virtual Card Issuing

Virtual cards are a powerful tool to build loyalty, pay remote workers and power innovative commerce experiences.  Global card issuing is complex. A successful program requires a country-by-country implementation approach. Rapyd recognizes how complicated the payment industry is and how…

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Accept Mobile Payments in the US

The Future of Mobile Payments in the US

Companies that Traditionally Relied on Cards Must Accept Mobile Payments or Risk Being Left Behind US consumers are more eager than ever for merchants to accept mobile payments, ewallets and other alternative payment methods. Merchants that enable customers to pay…

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