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Blog: B2B

Digital payment methods have empowered businesses and ecommerce leaders to accept and disburse payments faster than ever from anywhere, at any time. Our expert writers explore the world of international B2B Payments, discussing global mass payouts, fintech-as-service integrations, and other comprehensive digital B2B payments solutions to help you to deepen your relationship with your customers and gain a competitive advantage.

Business woman holding papers discussing global payments

Should You Use Paypal For B2B Payments?

Understand the unique characteristics of B2B payments to determine if Paypal for B2B Payments is the solution you need. Paypal is well known for its B2C and P2P payments capacities, but should you use them for your B2B payments too?…

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Businesspeople discuss B2B payment methods

Understanding The B2B Payments Landscape

Here's How Businesses Can Navigate the B2B Payments Landscape. Most online payment processing solutions are built with B2C use cases in mind. However, while the B2C world spends roughly $2.8 trillion annually on ecommerce, it may surprise you to know…

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Omnichannel B2B Payments from Pixabay

How To Make Omnichannel B2B Commerce Real

B2B companies must embrace omnichannel sales. Here's how to make it happen. It’s clear omnichannel B2B commerce needs to become faster and smoother for business buyers. The speed and convenience of consumer commerce have reshaped expectations, thanks to almost blanket…

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A millennial B2B professional making a purchse with a credit card while working from home

The Top Five B2B eCommerce Trends 2022

COVID-19 Wasn’t the Only Thing Shaking Up the World of B2B eCommerce B2B ecommerce is growing nine times faster than all U.S. manufacturing and distributor/wholesaler sales.1 Broad factors are at play above and beyond the impacts of the virus. The…

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