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Brendan Miller Head of Marketing

Brendan Miller - Head of Product Marketing

Brendan Miller leads Global Product Marketing, Content and Research Programs at Rapyd, a series E, global Fintech. Prior to Rapyd, Brendan co-led Forrester’s global research on digital commerce and payment strategies. He has spent 20 years as a B2C and B2B marketer, spanning industries from technology, services, retail, CPG, and durable goods and including stints at payment firms, such as First Data, Mercury, and Vantiv. Brendan’s research and work have been widely cited in publications including The New York Times, USA Today, Bloomberg, WSJ, Fortune, Barron’s, CNBC, as well as NPR, and the Financial Times.

Blog: Brendan Miller

A team sets up a virtual bank account.

What are Virtual Bank Accounts – And How Do They Power Global Fintech?

Discover how multi-currency virtual bank accounts enable better international financial services. Open banking and fintech APIs have revolutionized financial services with countless new products, including virtual accounts. Not to be confused with your everyday online bank account, virtual bank accounts…

  • February 2, 2022

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a customer uses a virtual card to pay

How Businesses Can Use Virtual Card Issuing

Virtual cards are a powerful tool to build loyalty, pay remote workers and power innovative commerce experiences.  Global card issuing is complex. A successful program requires a country-by-country implementation approach. Rapyd recognizes how complicated the payment industry is and how…

  • June 4, 2021
What is a Payment Stack?

What Is a Payment Stack? An Online Payment Solutions Guide

What Do Payment Processing Companies Mean When They Say "Payment Stack?" Simply put, a payment stack is all the components needed to create an online payment solution. There's a variety of payment methods, processes and stakeholders required to create an…

  • May 11, 2021
A Developer Discussing Fintech APIs

Why APIs Are the Future of Fintech Innovation

Learn why fintech APIs are driving an explosion of new business models, and how you can leverage APIs to power innovation. Fintech APIs (application programming interfaces) are transforming an industry historically resistant to change. Their increasing adoption and use throughout…

  • May 4, 2021
A woman making an online payment with a credit card

Payments 101: How Online Payment Processing Works

Payment processing services have come a long way since the days of ‘cash or card?’. Here’s everything you need to know about accepting online payments. From credit cards to technologies like digital wallets and real-time bank transfers, these days consumers…

  • April 14, 2021
Fintech Role in Building Open Ecosystems

Fintech’s Role in Building Open Ecosystems

How financial businesses of all sizes work together to promote infrastructural growth in the global digital economy. The worldwide online marketplace is buzzing with activity and always on the search for new opportunities to grow and improve the lives of…

  • March 22, 2021
How to Issue Prepaid Cards

How to Issue Prepaid Cards: Key Steps from Inception to Launch

What is Card Issuing? Card issuing is the process of enabling businesses to issue credit, debit or pre-paid cards to their customers either in the form of physical or virtual cards. The reason why many organizations look into how to…

  • January 21, 2021
IoT and Payments

3 Ways the IoT and Payments Are Revolutionizing Commerce

Prepare for the coming wave of internet of things enabled payments. The IoT (internet of things) sector is growing by 15% every year, according to payments and banking analysts (Mercator Advisory Group). There are now more connected devices, like fridges,…

  • December 29, 2020
How does an Automated Clearing House Work?

ACH 101: How Does an Automated Clearing House Work?

A Guide to the ACH How does an Automated Clearing House work? The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is a network of financial institutions that facilitates transactions between bank accounts. Managed by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA), the…

  • November 5, 2020
A woman in sunglasses using an in-app payment solution to make a purchase by a pool.

5 Things Your In-App Payment Solutions Are Missing

Pay Attention to the Fastest Growing Area of eCommerce When it comes to ecommerce, mobile is the place to be and effective in-app payment solutions are critical to success. Not only is mobile experiencing the fastest growth rates, but it…

  • September 25, 2020
A business person relaxing after simplifying payment processing compliance

Payment Processing Compliance Explained

Understand and Simplify Payment Compliance to Protect Your Business and Customers With the surge in global eCommerce, it's more imperative than ever for online businesses to protect their revenue, reputation and customers. It's important to understand payment processing compliance, but…

  • August 5, 2020
Accept Mobile Payments in the US

The Future of Mobile Payments in the US

Companies that Traditionally Relied on Cards Must Accept Mobile Payments or Risk Being Left Behind US consumers are more eager than ever for merchants to accept mobile payments, ewallets and other alternative payment methods. Merchants that enable customers to pay…

  • June 26, 2020
Why Digital Businesses Can't Ignore Cash Payments in 2020

Why Digital Businesses Can’t Ignore Cash Payments

A boom in local payment methods over the past decade has led to much talk of a cashless future, but digital businesses that avoid cash are missing out on a massive market opportunity.  According to the World Cash Report by…

  • January 24, 2020
ACH Payments and Payouts

How Rapyd is Reinventing ACH Payments and Payouts

If you’re processing recurring payments or disbursements in the US, your most reliable, consistent and cost-effective option remains ACH. But not all ACH solutions are created equal. The Automated Clearing House (ACH) system is simply the most prolific payment network…

  • January 24, 2020
Financial Silos Are Stunting Growth For The Modern Gig Economy

How to Break Financial Silos And Grow The Modern Gig Economy

Gig economy platforms like TaskRabbit and Lyft have made an explosive impact on the US labor market, but financial fragmentation challenges in overseas markets pose a threat to any ambitions they might have for international expansion. As the North American…

  • October 15, 2019
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