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Rapyd Financial Network

At Rapyd, our animating principle is simple: To make financial transactions as fast, flexible and accessible as possible. To accomplish this, we’ve created the world’s leading cardless financial network, backed by some of the most innovative technology in the industry.

Businesses can partner with Rapyd in two ways: Integrating our API into their existing infrastructure, or using our network to offer customers the full slate of Rapyd’s features. Our technology supports all major currencies and works with smartphones and feature phones to enable cardless withdrawals, deposits and payments. We also work with e-commerce platforms to allow their customers to make online cash purchases safely and reliably. Additionally, Rapyd is backed by an extensive global network of ATMs, kiosks, banks and retailers.

Simple yet powerful. Fast and reliable with a global reach.

That’s the Rapyd Network.

Meet the Team Lead by industry veterans, Rapyd is making it possible for you and your users to decide how to pay and get paid with exceptional speed and ease

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